Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cryx - Finding Combos

So, yes, I know that all the combos that have been found for WM are out there, around, but I like to take time to look at smaller stuff myself and see if I can figure it out for myself. So if this is redundant to you, well, sorry.

So, I love the warwitch siren, Her ability to hand off focus to a bonejack that is disrupted and un-disrupt it is very cool.

Give it to a Defiler and watch it spray to it's heart's content, or run and then arc out some fire power.

Another that I've found to be quite useful is the Night Wretch. Give it a focus and get it moving then AoE with your free focus. then arc out so it's useful again, and again, and again.

The biggest drawback of the Nightwretch is the fact that it needs Focus to have that AoE, but the Siren makes this far less of a liability as I can un-disrupt it, move, AoE, then arc out numerous venoms into a caster that can't take it. Quite fun looking to me.

Another I've found is the Nightmare, the ability to go ghostly with him lets him go hide for a turn on the oposite side of a wall from his prey, then load him up on fury, go ghostly and pounce. quite fun with his ability to hit and kill a Caster or whatever from an un-expected location. usually getting the back strike bonus as well if you do it right.

Given, I'm new and other more experienced players will likely be ready for this, but it helps to find things for yourself. Especially when learning a new game.

-Now if only I could get my gaming up to speed so I can play in a SR2010 event.