Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ork Big Mek

Ok, this guy is one of the most versitile HQ Choices in the book, he can be shooty, assaulty, Funny, or just a support character. he takes quite a bit of explaining, so bear with me.

Shooty- The big mek with shooty goodies can be a monster, though only in a few ways.
You should not take any of the following options, simply because with a Ballistic skill of 2 he is only hitting on a 5 or a 6 and his shots are wasted. Kombi-Rokkit Launcher, Kustom Mega Blasta.

Leaving your options as a Burna (in exchange for your choppa) or a Kombi-Skorcha (in exchange for your slugga) both give you template weapons that auto-hit which is amazing for orks.

Assaulty- You can take him stock as a 35 point HQ choice (more boyz!) and get a slugga/choppa HQ that gives you 5 S4 attacks on the charge, useful if you are going for more bodies, but not as fun. Or you can exchange his Choppa for a Power Klaw, giving you 4 S9 attacks on the charge. and 3 S8 attacks in subsequent rounds or if you get assaulted.

Funny - The shokk Attack gun. one of the most potent and at the same time on of the most inneffective weapons in the game, and to boot you can easily kill yourself in the process of shooting it. Nothing beats seeing an entire unit disappear from the board from one shot, but to get that you have to deal with the possibility of completely killing yourself on the first turn before you can do anything.

Support- This guy can be kitted out in several ways to support the rest of your army, but the most important is the Kustom Force Field. this amazing piece of equipment will help keep your vehicles alive more than anything considering the 4+ cover save it grants them if they are within 6" of him. you can put him in a trukk or wagon and run him with your 9 killa kans up the board and laugh as your opponent tries to shoot the kans which have a 4+ cover save on top of being vehicles. Though keep in mind that the KFF grants your OPPONENT's models within 6" of him that same cover save. Yeah we can build the damn thing, but we can't make it only protect us.

My way to run this guy, as stated, is to either give him the KFF and a burna, throw him in a trukk and go, or to take him stock and keep points for other good things in the army.
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