Friday, October 30, 2009

Tournament Scoring, At Least How I Think It Should Work.

Round 1: Random Seeding with the exception of people from the same gaming club not fight each other IF POSSIBLE.
Subsequent Rounds: Players face people with equivalent battle points with the exception that no 2 players ever face each other more than once.

Maximum 25 Points Per Round:
Massacre – 20-0
Major Victory 17-3
Minor Victory 14-6
Tie – 10-10

Conditions for what constitutes a massacre, etc. are defined in each round's mission.

Bonus Points:
Up to 4 Per Round Determined by Tournament Organizer
Examples Include but are not limited to: Did all of your HQ choices Survive? Did more of your Troop Choices Survive than your opponents? Etc.

1 Point for sportsmanship is available for each player for each round.
Simply answer if you would play the person and their army outside of a tournament environment.

In a standard 3 round tournament you will have a maximum score of 75 for the tournament.
In a GT Setting, you will have a maximum score of 150 points.

Painting is a separate category that SHOULD NEVER be included in trounament play, Thus a person Could win both Best Painted and Best overall for a tournament.

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