Friday, September 10, 2010

Composition - Or "Seriously, This has not been needed since Rogue Trader"

Composition. the worst of the worst soft score offenders. It is a hold-over form 1st edition of 40k. You know, when you could arm your space marines with Shurican Catapults. Back then you could put whatever you wanted on the table. So Comp worked then, when you could make really stupidly overpowered stuff.

Now? well now each race has it's own book. no more mixing wargear between xenos and Space Marines.

No more running Orks alongside the Eldar.

Why is this still around?

Got me.

It is by far the most restrictive and the most subjective of all the soft scores.

Because Jim the Fluff Bunny says that in White Dwarf 3 that the deathwing were only comprised of certain named characters with their individual retinues, now all deathwing players that don't adhere to that get hit with a comp facepalm.....

Just let this worthless piece of ........ die already.

It's useless and worthless.

bleh. I hate comp if you did not guess. Both as a scoreing mechanism and as anything else.

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