Monday, July 6, 2009

Ard Boyz

Ok, i'm preparing for 'Ard Boyz and I've decided on my Ork Horde/Speed list:


Warboss on Bike
Attack Squig, Klaw, Cybork Body

Klaw, ‘Eavy Armor, Cybork Body, Shoota


Kommandos x15
Snikrot, 2x Burnas


Nobs Squad x6
Warbikes, Painboy, Klaw x5, Cybork x5, Bosspole, Waaagh Banner, Ammo Runt

Nobs x10
Painboy, Klaw x2, Big Choppa x3, Slugga/Choppa x4, Bosspole, Waaagh Banner,
Shoota-Skorcha x2, Ammo Runt x2, Cybork Body x10
Battlewagon, 2x Big Shootas, Boarding Plank, Deff Rolla, Red Paint Job,
Armor Plates

Ork Boyz x30
Nob, Klaw

Ork Boyz x30
Nob, Klaw

Ork Boyz x30
Big Shoota x3, Shoota x27

Ork Boyz x30
Big Shoota x3, Shoota x27

Fast Attack:

Buzzsaw, TL Rokkit Launchers, Big Bomm

Buzzsaw, TL Rokkit Launchers, Big Bomm

Now, this army totals all of a single point short of the 2500 point cap, and provides me with a solid base of 120 boyz to work with. these guys, while easy to kill, are fearless above 11 in the squad and when shooting shoot off 63 shots. Sure they are BS5, still 21 hits and an average of 11 wounds. that and the slugga boys get 120 attacks on the charge (by the way, that is far too many dice to roll at once)

supported by a lot of klaws for anti-armor by the nobz. and the nobz being wound-anti-allocation make them super hard units.

The koptas are really throw away squads as they are the "One Hit Wonder" of this army. Come in 1st turn drop a big bomm on a unit and charge light armor with their S7 Charge (3 attacks)

not the most useful of units, but still worth their weight in gold when they can blow up a rhino on the first turn.

We'll see how i do and I'll post my results up here.

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