Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now the Extension of the SM Analasys.....

now you may not agree with my analysis of the SM dex below, but to expand upon it, here are some thoughts...

Pedro Kantor - Depends on your Build but usually Fail
Darnath Lysander - Same as Pedro.
Kayvaan Shrike - Win
Vulkan He'Stan - UBER WIN
Korsorro Khan - Win

Chapter Master - Win
Chapter Captain - Win
Command Squad - See Pedro Kantor.
Librarian - PURE WIN
Master of the Forge - Depends on your Build, Has much potential, Middle of the Road.

Tac Squad - Middle of the Road
Scout Squad - WIN!
Sergent Telion - PURE WIN!!!!

Rhino- Win
Razorback - WIN
Drop Pod - FAIL unless taken in large numbers or only 1 per army.

Terminator Assault Squad - PURE WIN with TH/SS Combo
Sternguard - See Pedro Kantor
Venerable Dreadnought - Middle of the Road
Dreadnought - WIN
Techmarine/Servitors - See Master of the Forge

Vanguard Veterans - Can be WIN in few occasions but overall FAIL
Land Speeder Squadron - PURE WIN
Land Speeder Storm - Middle of the Road
Bike Squad- As Fast Attack FAIL, As Troops WIN

Thunderfire Cannon - See Master of the Forge
Land Raider - WIN
Land Raider Crusader - PURE WIN
Land Raider Redeemer - The Best of the LR options with a TH/SS Termie Assault Squad. PURE WIN!
Predator - WIN

The above squads are worth their salt,

Now to explain...

This guy has some utility, but usually only in larger games because all of your marines lose their hit and run ability (I.E. Choose to fail their morale check in CC, run away (can't be sweeping advanced because of ATSKNF) then next turn auto-Rally and rapid fire the squad that was assaulting them. Great for a fun surprise. and thus lose some utility.

HOWEVER, when you take a Kantor army with Kantor, Lysander, 3 Squads of Sternguard, 6 squads of tac marines, and 3 Autocannon/Heavy Bolter Predators, he becomes a MONSTER.

yes folks that's 9 Scoring units.

And when you throw Lysander in a Drop Pod with 10 Sternguard Vets, they become the best utility unit available to a Space Marine army.

Bolter drill lets them all re-roll fail rolls to hit. so you drop pod them in, rapid fire a squad with helfire rounds and you've got (on average)16 wounds on a squad. sure they get saves, but it's so worth it. 16 wounds on any squad/Monsterous Creature will make it think twice about living.

Add to that the fact that you've got all of that in an army with 9 scoring units and you can cause some serious damage to your opponent.


This guy can bring great utility to an army and lets you do some crazy things to make a "Counts As" Adeptus Mechanicum force.


2 Masters of the Forge
4 Plasma Cannon Servitors

3 Tech Marines
6 Plasma Cannon Servitors

4 Tac Squads in Rhinos

No Fast Attack (Land Speeders if you must)

3 Thunderfire Cannons
6 Plasma Cannon Servitors

Now that is Template Death.

Will expand this more later.

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  1. So, I wouldn't do servitors on the thunderfire cannons. They're too prone to mindlock w/o the techmarine. I would rather do something like...

    motf + 2 plasma servitors
    6 5 man scout squads with heavy bolter & ccw + las/plas razorback
    3 techmarines + harness +power weapon + 2 plasma servitors
    3 thunderfire cannons

    Put the razorbacks on either side of a tfire cannon and spin the 3 vehicles like a big turret: /x\

    Put the scouts on either side, getting a cover save behind the razorbacks but still having los for their template heavy bolters. Techmarines and motf and their respective crews can mix in between the vehicles.

    The thing that scares me about these lists is just how vulnerable these guys are to both assault and anti-infantry. I've thought about doing something like this, but I don't want to invest in the servitors, techmarines, and scouts. And since techmarine-ish armies really can't do anything but stand there and shoot, they're going to fold to most guard armies that they see who do it better and have more all around utility. Tau and dark eldar (and regular eldar for that matter) will eat these lists for dinner. So I dunno, I just can't commit to it. If you have different experiences I'd love to hear!

    I guess though, against most of the marine armies I face, this list would be really amazing. People are still playing 10 marines +missile launcher standing in cover (optional) on the other side of the field shooting. All these plasma blasts would wreck their faces, and if they did get close enough, the techmarines will give them hell.

    Also, I have traded out telion and his scouts. I played him for about 10 games and they only did good once. He's too easy to dodge with cover saves etc. I'm using more razorbacks now instead. But I can see why people like him so much.


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