Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Space Marine Codex - Win/Fail

Ok, bear with me. if you read this blog (there are probably only 5 or so of you) then you will likely know that the following post is for COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENTS.

Fluff wise do what you will, but for a Competitive Environment this is my take on the stuff in the SM Codex:

Marneus Calgar - FAIL
Cato Sicarius - FAIL
Chief Librarian Tigurius - FAIL
Chaplain Cassius - UBER FAIL
Pedro Kantor - Depends on your Build but usually Fail
Darnath Lysander - Same as Pedro.
Kayvaan Shrike - Win
Vulkan He'Stan - UBER WIN
Korsorro Khan - Win

Chapter Master - Win
Chapter Captain - Win
Honor Guard - FAIL
Command Squad - See Pedro Kantor.
Librarian - PURE WIN
Chaplain - FAIL
Master of the Forge - Depends on your Build, Has much potential, Middle of the Road.

Tac Squad - Middle of the Road
Scout Squad - WIN!
Sergent Telion - PURE WIN!!!!

Rhino- Win
Razorback - WIN
Drop Pod - FAIL unless taken in large numbers or only 1 per army.

Terminator Squad -FAIL
Terminator Assault Squad - PURE WIN with TH/SS Combo
Sternguard - See Pedro Kantor
Venerable Dreadnought - Middle of the Road
Ironclad Dreadnought -FAIL in a most obnoxious fasion.
Dreadnought - WIN
Techmarine/Servitors - See Master of the Forge
Legion of the Damned - See Pedro Kantor. If their special/heavy weapons were not so overcosted then they would be all win..... alas...

Assault Squad - PURE FAIL
Vanguard Veterans - Can be WIN in few occasions but overall FAIL
Land Speeder Squadron - PURE WIN
Land Speeder Storm - Middle of the Road
Bike Squad- As Fast Attack FAIL, As Troops WIN
Scout Bike Squad - FAIL FAIL FAIL
Attack Bike Squad - FAIL

Devistator Squad - Potential, But usually FAIL
Thunderfire Cannon - See Master of the Forge
Land Raider - WIN
Land Raider Crusader - PURE WIN
Land Raider Redeemer - The Best of the LR options with a TH/SS Termie Assault Squad. PURE WIN!
Predator - WIN
Whirlwind - PURE FAIL
Vindicator - When you take one - FAIL. when you take 3 WIN
Brother Sergent Chronus - PURE FAIL

I'll be going through all the armies I play like this.

Let me know if you like this kind of thing and if you have any questions, be sure to ask.

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