Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kill Team... or where I learned to put hatred aside and buy some Imperial Guard..

So, I've decided to make a foray into Imperial Guard. My most despised army. I've always been of the opinion that Imperial Guard belong in Flames of war. (Since before there was a Flames of War and I just thought they should be in WWII miniature Historical gaming)

But with the decision to make myself a Kill Team army, I've decided that I'll give my most despised and never played 40k army a go.

Thus I've decided to go with the following:

Platoon Command Squad
- Plasma Gun x2
- Power Sword/Las Pistol Commander (preferred enemy)

Infantry Squad
- Autocannon Heavy Weapon Team (Relentless)

Infantry Squad
- Autocannon Heavy Weapon Team (Relentless)

Now for the kicker. To ensure that I will NEVER change this list once I make the purchase.... I'm doing them up as Death Corp of Krieg ers.

So before I splurge and spend the money,

How many of you have played kill team?
Thoughts on the game itself?
Thoughts on the list above?

Thoughts in general?


  1. You can't give 2 models the same USR. 3 models get 3 different USR's in Kill Team

  2. Ok, thanks for that.

    I do need to buy that Missions book.....


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