Monday, April 26, 2010

Ard Boyz Prep and Prep Missions for the Mile High GT

did some ard boyz prep for myself this weekend, and took the following list:

Hive Tyrant
- Paroxysm, Heavy Venom Cannon, Psychic Scream, Lash, Bonesword, Old Advarsary
Tyrant Guard x2

- Catalyst, Onslaught, Cluster Spines

Zoanthrope x2
Zoanthrope x2
Zoanthrope x2

Termagaunts x10
Termagaunts x10
- Catalyst, Onslaught, Cluster Spines
- Catalyst, Cluster Spines

- TL Heavy Venom Cannon
- TL Heavy Venom Cannon
- TL Heavy Venom Cannon

Carnifex Brood x3
- Heavy Venom Cannon, Twin Linked Devourers, Adrenal Glands

Ran the tyrant with the carnifex & guard as a nasty deathstar unit that NOBODY could cause enough damage on to kill except ghazkull with a squad of Power Klaw nobz.

Things I discovered:
1. Onslaught did nothing. I used it once over 3 games for no bonus effect as I was in lance range already. - 30 Points Wasted.
2. I HAVE to remember that the tervigons have the spines. I forgot to shoot them for 1 and 1/2 games and it cost me the first game.
3. Nob Bikers HATE heavy Venom cannons. 4+ cover save and that is all they get as FNP does nothing for them and since it is S9 Instant death hurts them a LOT.
4. Psychic Scream only got used one time, but Paroxysm really screws with a lot of armies.
5. Harpies are pure gold. everyone seems to think otherwise, but for this build they were perfect. 12" move plus a Twin Linked 36" S9 blast is pure beauty.
6. With the number of Gaunts that this army produces, it is literally Impossible to get all of them out of 6" range of the tervigons. HOWEVER since everyone seems to not target the tervigons until turn 3, it seems that this is not so much a problem as it is a blessing in disguise for the useless 30 points that I spent on Onslaught can now be used to buy Adrenal Glands for the Tervigons to give them that Furious Charge. Now my only problem is to try and figure out if that is the best spending point for the tervigons as it seems that my most common and useful tactic for the termagaunts is to move up shoot/assault but by that Time I'm out of the 6" range of the Adrenal Glands and It would not affect them.

I guess my last question is how to fill that last 30 points.

Also play tested a couple of test missions for the GT that I have planned for september, they are some very tactical missions, had quite a few people test them out, and in their current incarnation I'm finding that about 85% of the games end in ties. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. For reference I've included them below if you would like to play them and give me some feedback, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for the help guys!

- Stephen


The standard scoring for this event is as follows:

There are 15 Total Battle Points available in each mission

0-5 For Objectives Controlled. Each Mission will have 5 objectives available. Each can be controlled as described in the Core Rule Book for Warhammer 40,000. Scoring Units must be within 3” and no opposing unit can be within 3” of the objective. Objectives are placed in the following order. 1 is placed in the center of the board. Then starting with the first player and altranating, each player places 2 objectives no closer than 12” from any other objective.

0-5 For Kill Points. Kill points have been modified for this event. Prior to each game, you and your opponent exchange army lists. Each player marks 5 units from that army list and those units are your kill points. You must destroy these units completely for the Kill point to count for you. Note: if you select a unit with a dedicated transport, only the unit must be destroyed. The transport may survive without penalty.

0/3 for the Primary Achievement. Each achievement is described in the mission itself.

0/2 for the Secondary Achievement. Each achievement is described in the mission itself.

Winning a Missions is determined as follows:

For a player to WIN a battle, he must fulfill one of the following requirements:
Score More Kill Points AND More Objectives
Score More Kill Points AND Tie on Objectives
Score More Objectives AND Tie on Kill Point

For a Tie to be scored. Any of the following happen:
One Player Scores more objectives while the other player scores more Kill Points
Players Tie on BOTH Kill Points and Objectives.

Overall Placement Within the tournament will be as follows:
Overall Winner is the player with the most Winning Record AND the most Battle Points in that order. So if after all games are played, and three players have an undefeated record, The Highest Battle Point scorer among those three is the Overall Winner.

If 2 or more players are tied in the above categories, Strength of Schedule will be used to determine the winner. This is determined by adding up all of the Cumulative Battle Points of All of the Tied Players Opponents. This determines who had a harder time reaching his Winningest Record. The player with the tougher Strength of Schedule is then the winner.


In addition to killing your chosen Targets and gaining objectives you must seek out and kill the commanders of the opponents Force. Games end at the end of turn 6.

Primary Achievement:
Kill All Opponent’s HQ Choices.
Both Players can achieve this. It is worth 3 Points if you successfully kill ALL of your opponent’s HQ Choices.

Secondary Achievement:
Destroy or immobilize all enemy transport vehicles. This achievement is worth 2 points if successful.If a player does not have any dedicated transports, you automatically achieve this achievement.

The player who wins goes first picks one table corner to be his deployment zone. The opposing player gets the opposite corner. From the corner, each player gets a triangular area that is 18 inches short of half of the table. Fall Back moves must be made towards the Long Table edge that each player’s deployment zone started with.


Trench Warfare

In addition to killing your chosen Targets and gaining objectives you must remove the opponent’s will to keep fighting.

Primary Achievement:

Reduce all opposing scoring units to 50% or less. This Achievement is worth 3 points if achieved.

Secondary Achievement:
Make an opposing TROOP Choice Fall Back Off of the Board. This achievement is worth 2 points if achieved.

The player who goes first picks one long edge. The other player gets the opposing long table edge. At the end of turn 6, Remove all units that are falling back as destroyed.

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