Monday, April 5, 2010

Heroquest Board Nearing Completion.

So, I've got all of the squares down, as well as a bit of detailing on them, Also I have painted the entire thing black after the above picture was taken.
Now I get to drybrush the crap out of it with gray then seal it. The magnetics work very well to hold down the walls and the minis, I also have to take pics of the Wizard and a "Ghost" that I've painted up for this so my current progress is at:

- Wizard Finished
- Barbarian Finished
- 1 of 2 Ghosts Finished
- All 9 Chaos Warriors finished
- Board nearly finished
- Walls started
- Ranger, Rogue, Fighter & Cleric need to be painted
- Box needs to be built.
- Skeletons need to be purchased assembled/painted
- Lizardmen need to be purchased assembled/painted
- Orks need to be painted
- Goblins need to be painted
- 1 Ogre needs to be painted
- Demon needs to be painted/assembled

So I've still got a ways to go, but it's coming together quite quickly. I'm quite happy with the results thus far.

- Stephen

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