Friday, April 9, 2010

A Competitive Event

So, in all honesty the last time I RAN an event was about 2 years ago.

I'm taking the Plunge again, but this time with the aim of making a truely competitive event.

I've talked to GW about the GT Circuit, and unfortunately I'll be unable to get on the Circuit for 2011, But I'll likely be able to get on it for 2012, provided I can get enough participants.

So, if anyone would like to play in a COMPETITIVE EVENT, please email me. stephenberenyi(at)

So far, the rules of the event are:

- 5 Games, each with a 2 hour time limit. If you slow play and fail to complete the 4th turn, each player takes a -5 Battle Point Hit.
- Painting is REQUIRED (3 colors minimum)
- 2,000 pt Lists (1998 is fine, 2001 is too much)
- No Sportsmanship Score
- No Composition Score
- No "Soft" scores of any type
- Painting is a Separate event and will be Voted on by both the Participants and a Panel of judges, and your painting results WILL NOT effect your battle points.
- All placements will be based off of BATTLE POINTS
- W/L/D record is irrelevant, but honestly, pulling ties does not net you many battle points so... draw your own conclusions.
- There are a total of 15 Battle Points per game.
- Battle Points will be rewarded thusly:
   - 5 Objectives each worth 1 Point while CONTROLLED
   - 5 Kill Points (Decided Prior to game) Each Worth 1 Point
   - Primary Achievement (Varies by battle) Worth 3 Points
   - Secondary Achievement (Varies by battle) Worth 2 Points
   - In ALL CASES Cumulative VICTORY POINTS will break ties. Then if still tied, strength of schedule will be used to break ties.
-Placement will be using the accelerated placement system:
   - First Round is Random and will determine Seeding
   - Second Round has the top 1/8th of the Field play the 2nd 1/8th of the field, 2nd 1/4th play the 3rd 1/4th of the field and the 7th 8th play the last 8th of the field.
   - Third Round has the top 1/4th play the 2nd 1/4th of the field, while the 3rd 1/4th plays the last 1/4th of the field
   - Fourth and 5th Rounds play like a Standard Swiss Tourney where 1st plays 2nd 3rd plays 4th, etc. This makes sure that the "Top Players" will most likely have to play the top players and the middle ground players will likely stay middle ground.

It will be held in Butte, Montana this september (tentatively set for the 18th and 19th, but that may change by a weekend either way.

Entrance is $30. Prize Pool is determined by the number of enteries.

Prizes will be split up as follows:

4th Place - 1 Part of Pot
3rd Place - 2 Parts of Pot
2nd Place - 3 Parts of Pot
1st Place - 4 Parts of Pot
Best Painted - 3 Parts of Pot

So with a prize pool of $750 the prizes will be split like follows:

4rd Place  - $57
3rd Place - $114
2nd Place - $171
1st Place - $228
Best Painted - $171

Thanks for the Read.


  1. I think the people running hobby events on the east coast could learn a thing or two from you. I would definitely attend this kind of even if it were closer.

  2. Looks neat, if only people lived in Montana :P

    I'd love to go, but that's a long trip from NY.

  3. So a point was brought up about the 2 hour time limit on games. and I think it is a good one:


    I don't like the -5 for failing to finish 4th turn. That really punishes slow armies, like mass infantry armies. And it really rewards reserves-based armies who don't even start the game until turn 2. If there's one rule for a competitive event, it should be that the scoring system and the scenarios don't change the game. Stalling is one thing, that should be punished. But sometimes neither player stalls and the game is slow. Sometimes there are rules questions to hammer out, sometimes it's a big unwieldy army, and sometimes the players just take it slow. If neither player can complain about the other deliberately stalling though, why should you ding them for not hitting turn 4? If they don't hit turn 4, that's their problem, they're going to score way fewer battle points most likely. They shouldn't be punished for scoring less battle points. And by punishing both players for not reaching turn 4, you punish a fast player who's playing a slow player. Why should a fast player suffer just because he drew an opponent who's slow? The whole idea just makes very little sense.

    So there are a couple of points here:

    First the 2 hours is not enough time.... Easy enough to rectify. set it to 2.5 hours per game.

    Second is the penalty. I had not taken into account the fact that the farther games progress, the more points that people will score - Uncontested objectives and KP units being completely wiped out and counting for their point.

    So if i drop the -5 do you think that will skew people towards slow playing?

    I'm flexible on rules for the tourney that make no sense and if the people think it is unnecessary I'll drop it.


  4. 2 hours for 2K is plenty of time, if you don't make your scenarios too complicated. Yes, there is the issue that two foot Ork armies might not finish their game against each other, but it's not that big of an issue.

    We ran 2K in 2 hours for BoLSCon last year. The same people failed to finish games almost every round, regardless of opponent or mission. We had two massive foot Ork armies in attendance; one finished almost every game; the other did not finish any games. The one who finished no games would have finished no games at 3 hours, more than likely.

    If you don't expect people to prepare for your event, then set time limits like they were just playing for fun at their FLGS. If you expect people to prepare, you can set any point level and time limits you want - the people who will prepare will adapt.

  5. What JWolf said. Keep your two hour time limit. If you think 2 hours/ round with around 20-30 minutes down time between rounds. 30min to get started and 30 min to wrap up. 3 rounds in a day and you will be looking at an 8 hour day... 2 hours is good. especially if you have two more rounds planned.

    The slow play thing should be ruled by the judge. Two swarm armies not making it to round 5 is not too terrible. where as two tank companies should move much faster. The issue with a 2 hour round is a flat penalty for slow play.

    4th place is kinda eh. if you dropped it your pot would split in an even 12.


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