Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok, so having skipped over the Space Wolves codex for personal reasons that everyone should know (I hate space wolves)and the nearing completion of my Salamanders army and mo old and beloved army TYRANIDS new codex release. Well that perfect trifecta has decided for me that the new bugs will be my next project.

Now if you have ever played Tyranids before and have looked through the new codex, you probably did the exact same thing I did, Stare blankly at the pages and try to comprehend what all these new rules meant. Put the book down, got some coffee and tried again.

I'm still not completely up to date, but i've come up with my first "Test List"
for my new army and this will likely be the core of the army i build.

On an aside, i have a strange way that i build my armies, Maybe others share it, but I know that this is how I've been building my army lists for a long time now.

I start with the LOWEST point value that I'll likely be playing an army.

In this case I decided on 1500 Points.

Then I build that value into an actual workable list. When i go up in points values I only add to the army. I may change a squad size or perhaps drop a "Special" unit from time to time, but generally I keep it the same.

So for my "Core List" of 1500 Points I came up with the following:

Tyranid Prime with Bonesword, Lash whip and Devourer - 95 Points

3 Hive Guard - 150 Points

Doom of Malan'Tai (this is one of those "Special Units" referenced above, but I love Him) - 90 Points

Termagaunts x10 - 50 Points

Termagaunts x10 - 50 Points

Tervigon - Catalyst, Cluster Spines - 175 Points

Tervigon - Catalyst, Cluster Spines - 175 Points

Harpy - Regenerate, Twin Linked Heavy Venom Cannon, Cluster Spines - 185 Points

Harpy - Regenerate, Twin Linked Heavy Venom Cannon, Cluster Spines - 185 Points

Tyranofex - Rupture Cannon, Regenerate, Dessicator Larvae - 295 Points

This gives me a 1450 point that I am VERY happy with.

I can add 50 points in the form of more gaunts or I can make 2 units of 2 hive guard. Flexibility and goodness all in one fell swoop.

From that I will add another Tyranofex to get to 1750 points. and some genestealers led by a broodlord to get to 2k.

For 2500 points I will add another Tyranofex and a Trigon Prime and some more Hive Guard or a Death Leaper.

On to the conversions. god I love bugs.


  1. Big fan of the Tyranofex, eh? I haven't heard from many of his supporters online--I'd be curious as to why you seem to like him so much.

  2. My main reason (besides the 48" S10 Assault 2 Weapon)

    Is the fact that with T6 and W6 and regeneration, the odds of him dieing are fairly minimal.

    The only thing that can really drop him is Massed Heavy weapon fire. other than that, you've basically got an indestructible monster (minus JoTWW of course) Sure, it's 300 points, but it's quite worth it. So you give him the Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines and you're throwing out 2 S10 Shots plus a Large Blast. add in Dessicator Larve, and you've got one of the single most rounded and durable units available to ANY army in the game.

    You can tank hunt, you can infantry hunt (large blast, flamer that wounds on a 2+) and you're a monsterous creature so in CC all your stuff will wound on basically a 2+ vs any infantry in the game, power weapons, and with Str 6 you CAN penetrate a land raider. (though not necessarily likely)

    IMO they can't be beat.

  3. Harpies? Tyranofex? Uuuuuh...
    Part of me can't wait for the new codex. Part of me is terrified of it.


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