Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Power Builds, And how to defeat them

Ok, since I am a great Pro-Ponent of Competitive Gaming, I thought I'd post something about the ability to build and how to beat Power Builds. Lets Start with an amazingly tough nut to crack from the Space Marines codex:

(From Yes The Truth Hurts)

Captain on Bike w/Relic Blade

2 2xTL Autocannon Dreads

10 Thunder Shield Terminators (in Combat Squads)

5 Bikers w/2 Meltaguns, Power Sword on Sarge)

3 Bikers w/Attack Bike w/Multimelta (Combat Squad)

4 Bikers w/Attack Bike w/Multimelta

2 HB/AC Predators

2 LRC w/Multimelta and EA

Why is this list a bitch? because of the fact that it makes marines VERY mobile, plus has 2 Land Raider Crusaders full of thundershield terminators there to kick your ass. Very ugly, but very effective.

Now why build like this, 1st it tells your opponent that you've put the research in to know what will work, not what should. 2nd it puts a lot of in your face where it needs to be.

Now how do you crack this nut? well it gets hard at this point because a lot depends on how your opponent deploys, when they deploy as follows:

they are going to be in your face no matter where you go, so to deal with it you have 2 options: Tarpiting (sending in small units to tie up your opponent for a single turn) and torrenting them to death with massed fire, or 2. bombing the crap out of them and running.

I would start with (shocker) the land raiders. those termies are lethal to everything, but if you blow their land raiders (with melta duh) they are stuck foot slogging it for the rest of the game. SM on bikes can be annoying, but once you put down enough fire, they die just like other Space Marines.

The termies are the real threat. knock out the 2 Land Raiders and this army can be cripled because the Bike squads are small. Take out enough in each squad to force the tests that are needed to make them run. One turn of running puts them out of charge range and well, even if they get into combat you're likely to at least put a few more down. Yes they have T5, but still you're likely wounding on 5's and with enough attacks that can equal out to enough failed saves.

He's only got 24 infantry on the board (bikes included) the rest can be dealt with in time.

You're biggest worry though are the Dreads and Preds. That is a lot of autocannon fire that can and will rip you out of your transports. Don't make the mistake of thinking that he can not.

Remember that in a tournament you should ALWAYS revies your opponent's army list closely. form a plan before you start the game and STICK TO IT. know what is the biggest threat to YOUR army and take care of them in order. Shaking a Vehicle is as good as killing it for a turn. once you've made it unable to fire, move on.

Take out the troops in Objective games.

I think the biggest problem people run into is their desire to actually KILL tanks. It's not necessessary. once you shake it you can focus the rest of your fire on other things. if it can not fire, it is neutralized for the next turn. (except Land Raiders and their PotMS)

Think carefully and don't get too caught up in destroying everything.

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