Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Nids Rules Interactions: Mawloc

Ok, continuing my mini-series of the new Tyranid Codex's Rules interactions, we're on to the Mawloc.

His main point of contention is his deep striking attack.

So, In it's Entirety:

"Terror From The Deep:

If a Mawloc Deep Strikes onto a point occupied by another model, do not roll on the Deep Strike Mishap Table but instead do the following.

Place the large blast template directly over the spot the Mawloc is emerging from. Every unit under the template suffers a number of Strength 6, AP2 hits equal to the number of models in that unit that are wholly or partially covered by the template. Vehicles are always struck on their rear armor. If any unit has surviving under the template, move those models the minimum distance necessary to clear all models from beneath the template whilst maintaining squad coherency and avoiding impassable terrain. Models that were locked in combat prior to the Mawloc's attack must remain in base contact if possible, but otherwise may not be moved within 1" of an enemy model. Vehicles, including immobile vehicles retain their original facing if they are moved. Any models that can not be moved out of the way are destroyed. after all casualties have been determined, replace the large blast template with the Mawloc."

Ok, that is a lot of rules to say that when the Mawloc deep strikes he does not mishap, but causes a LOT of damage to anything on the board that he hits on his Deep Strike.

Now, the main question that I've been seeing cropping up is: Can the Mawloc deep strike directly into an enemy unit?

Well, let's look at the rules for Deep Striking:

Big Rule Book: Page 95:

"First Place one model from the unit anywhere on the table, in the position you would like the unit to arrive, and roll the scatter dice. if you roll a hit, the model stays where it is, but if an arrow is shown this determines the direction that the model is scattered in. If a scatter occurs, roll 2D6 to see how many inches the model moves away from the intended position."

And goes on to say:"If any models in a Deep Striking Unit cannot be deployed because they scatter off the table, land on top of a friendly unit or impassable terrain, or on or within 1" of an enemy model, something has gone horribly wrong. The controlling player must roll on the Deep Strike Mishap Table and apply the results."

Ok so, now we have all of the rules in one place. and while it may seem complicated I really don't think it is. You may disagree, but here is my reasoning.

1. The initial placement of your model on the board is not "Deployment" so they are not really there. it's just where you want them to be. This is supported by the fact that they are not deployed until after the scattering has happened. per page 95 of the BRB.

2. Since you are not really there you CAN place a Mawloc in the center of a unit and then roll for scatter. (Simply hold the Mawloc over where you want it to be.)

3. Since you don't mishap from enemy models, you simply drop the big template on them, you cause lots of damage if you do not scatter.

That is how I read the rules, If you disagree, you are welcome to explain why. (Please comment away)

Now, the other problem that people are not getting is that you must place the blast template CENTERED on where the Mawloc arrives. Not touching it's base somewhere as this allows you to counter scatter. the rules say Directly Over, and they mean it.

So, there you have it. Next up is the Tyrant and His Guard. (Oh Boy)


  1. I think this is correct. The anywhere in the deepstriking wording helps. I also think you can deepstrike any unit directly on top of another but you need a really good reason to do it with 1/3 time you will definately have a mishap and a high probability of a mishap in general in that case.

    Pods might claim they can avoid the mishap table when directly target another unit with inertial guidance but that is incorrect since it only allows you to reduce the scatter distance to avoid mishaps. If you scatter distance is already zero to the mishap table you go.

  2. you are correct Eriochrome, i've tried to explain that about the inertial guidance several times to people in my area, but it seems that they just don't want to get it.

    At least until the last tourney, when for the third time in one game, I got sick of it and the TO had to explain it.

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  4. I agree. Why design a unit meant to eat marines on the way up, and then be required to pray for a decent scatter onto them?

  5. They don't scatter, because of the way deep strike works.

    Arriving by Deep Strike
    Roll for the arrival of all deep striking units as specified in the rules for Reserves and then deploy them as follows:

    First, place one model from the deep striking unit anywhere on the table, in the position where you would like it to arrive, and roll for scatter to deterrnine the model's final position.

    Deep Striker Mishaps

    If any of the models in a deep striking unit cannot be deployed, because at least one model would land partially or fully off the table, in impassable terrain, on top of a friendly rnodel, or on top of or within I " of an enemy model, somethmg has gone wrong. The conrrolling player must roll on the Deep strike Mishap table.

    As soon as you try to deploy the Mawloc in the center of the group of enemies, since you are unable to place it on the table, it automatically gets mishap. You can't place the model down, you can't deploy. You can't even place the model down to see if you roll for scatter.

    Thankfully the Mawloc special rule says you use the special ability instead of rolling on the mishap table. It is pretty clear.


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