Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cryx - Warjack analysis

Now, given that I'm working from the WM MKII playtest rules as I have not yet gotten the Cryx 2010 Deck (on the to buy list for next week)

I have to come up with some warjacks to use.

I'm playing Deneghra/eDeneghra so I'll need a few Arc Nodes.

A few have appealed to me and in all honesty, I'm thinking that a Theme is in order. No, not a Tier.

So to start off with, lets look at the Lights (Bonejacks)

Basic 4pt Jack.
Arc Node
1 Attack with Sustained Attack.
-Chicken Head. I like the look of all the Chicken Jacks.
-I failed to notice on first look that the Sustained attack needs focus to keep it going. PS 13 is not bad, but with MAT 6, I'll need a decent roll just to hit the first time....
= Probably won't use.

5 pt Arc Node with a spray.
-I love sprays
-I really like sprays with POW 12.
=Will likely use this one the most.

-3pt = Cheap
- NO ARC NODE = Bad.
=a "Helldiver" screams flyer to me, but it's not a flyer, it's a burrower..... odd, and not what I'm looking for.

-another Chicken. :D.
-RAT 5 Shooter = not so good at all.
= Defiler is still better.

-Not a bad model,
- No Arc Node
- Not a bad choice if I take the Withershadow Combine, we shall see.

Canker Worm
-a Plethora of cool abilities
- No Arc Node
- Affinity for not my caster....
- at first glance while I like the model, I don't believe that it will fit my play style as it is focus intensive..... I think.

-Newest of the Chickens.
-Armor Piercing :D
-Arc Node!
=Arc Node + Armor Piercing = Win!

So for Bonejacks I'm looking at

-Several Defilers (2-3)
-Ripjaw (1-2)

So, I now have my Arc Nodes to cause havoc.

On to the Helljacks.

Denny has a Character affinity Jack.... That I hate. wow, that sucks.

However I'm lucky in that I love the best Jack in the game. Death Jack.

So I have at least 1 Heavy Jack.

I also Like the Seether. very focus efficient for my Focus hungry caster. and a very cool model.

So most lists will see one making an appearance.

So My lists are already shaping up to have:

-3 Defilers
-1 Ripjaw

So I'm looking at 26-27 points of a list already spent.

If I'm going for a 15 Point list, it will likely be:

-Death Jack
-Warwitch Siren
-Warwitch Siren

This gives me a Solid core of 2 Jacks, and 2 support solos, along with the DeathJack... never a bad thing.

next up is the Units (or unit :D)


  1. While there are some very good builds with jacks, remember that a lot of cryx's strength lies in its troops and solos. You also don't want to be completely arc node dependent because any caster that can shut it down will laugh at you (cygnar and menoth).

    Also, stop army hopping and play me damnit. Ah well, it seems I'll end up being warmachine heavy and you'll be hordes heavy.

  2. lol I do this on my spare time at work.... the theory anyhow.

    I'll play you. when I have time which equals after the 40k event.

  3. Cryx is a good choice since you already play Trollbloods; two very different playstyles.


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