Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Fluff of Immoren

So, as with Warhammer 40k (Not warhammer because the fluff for that game is so damn regurgitated that I could replace all the world specific stuff with any world wether it be D&D, or what have you and it would fit that world) I'm really starting to like the Fluff of Privateer Press.

The Fact that I hate steampunk is really doing little to deter me from getting more and more into the fluff of the world. When I started, the world of the Iron Kingdoms seemed like a contrived stereotypical mess, half baked and worthless.

But the more I read the fluff in the Hordes! book, the more I'm loving it. The Trolls and the Circle are still my prefered armies, but the fluff of the Legion of Everblight is great. Probably the fact that I love their take on dragons and the ability to blight entire races. Maybe this is just a random ramble, but It's my view.

The one problem that I have found is the fact that while every other race is fleshed out rather realistically, the Trollbloods come off a bit thin. Maybe a bit cartoony in the fluff.

Hopefully PP is working on that.

Anyhow, anyone know if PP has put out any novels about the Iron Kingdoms?


  1. I've also really enjoyed reading more of the fluff for Immoren over the last year or so, and it was actually the first Hordes rulebook that really hooked my interest. I was curious about books as well but so far haven't heard of any. Novels would be nice though....

  2. If you are really interested in getting your teeth into the Iron Kingdoms (IK) fluff, and cannot wait for their rumoured-but-not-announced RPG reboot, I suggest either getting their old IK RPG books - which can be purchased as relatively cheap .pdf's from either Paizo: http://paizo.com or Drivethroughrpg http://www.drivethroughrpg.com/

    The books you want is the IK World Guide at first, then the IK Character Guide. After that, the Monsternomicon 1 and 2 are fun reads (there are a lot of monsters in Mn 2 that appeared years later in HORDES). A great product is the city guide for Five Fingers; Five Fingers: Port of Deceit. Amazing setting book, which was widely lauded. It is one of the best RPG supplements I've ever read (it is very spesific geographically, however, which is why I'd suggest the World Guide as a first buy).

    The other .pdfs are also decent - the Witchfire Trilogy started it all and the Liber Mechanika is fun if you are a fan of Mechanika, with some more information on the Cult of Cyriss.

    ...alternatively, try to track them down as paper books. They're getting expensive these days, though.


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