Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SpoCon - An After Action Report

So, While my camera sits on my desk at home, I thought I'd recap my experience at SpoCon. A GT Qualifier in Spokane Washington.

1) Observations:

First off, the Tournament was held on Gonzaga University Campus. Personally while a lot of people were complaining about the venue, I thought it was great.

The People were to the best of my knowledge, amazing.

The tournament itself was extremely well run, a little delayed by "Gamer Time" but that is to be expected.

2) The Scenarios:

While I enjoyed the scenarios, there were a few things that bothered me. I enjoyed the scoring as it was close to my own style, however I did not like the fact that there were negative modifiers to your score. That is just me.

I also enjoyed the fact that while there were 4 games per player, only one was an annhilation mission. seems that others are aware of the fact that Kill Points are an unbalancing factor in the game. VPs are much better IMO.

3) My Games:
So, while playing 4 games is not my preferance, (I prefer 3,5 or 6) I understand exactly why it was 4 and agree that it was the best setup possible for this event.

Game #1: I played against a Blood Angels list, 1 Land Raider w/ TS terminators and a Reclusiarch, Seth, Assault squads and 2 Baal Predators.

While I won't go into details, Suffice it to say that I won, with a large margin. It was a capture and control mission, I held both objectives at the end, and by turn 5 had lost 1 combat squad, 1 Dreadnought, and 1 land speeder. He had 1 Baal Predator left with no TL Ass Can Turret.

Game #2: This had to be the funnest game I played all weekend. I was playing against My Personal Nemesis. Space Wolves. Wolf lord on Thunder Wolf with a lot of FenWolves in tow, 1 Vindicator, 3 Gray Hunter Squads and some other stuff. I lost, but it took the whole game to get that far.

Game #3 (Game 4 of the day for me) Both my opponent and I were both physically and mentally exhausted by this time. It was fun as hell, but to give you an idea, we played 7 turns in 45 minutes. yeah, it was one of those.

Game #4 Last game of the tournament and held on a fresh new day. Kill Points versus orks. I brought a 20 Kill point army, he brought 10. End of turn 5 I have 9 Kill Points he has 5. Win for me.

In the end I was happy with my armies performance. I went 2-2 with an army that misses usually 3/4 of it's shots even with the massive ammount of twin linking I have. I came in 11th place out of 40, and I came in 2nd place in sportsmanship.

I had a great time.



  1. So who and what won? Was it another have Marines, have options = win? Or did something weird like chaos spawn win?

  2. Chaos Space Marines Won best overall.
    2nd Place was Space Wolves.

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