Monday, August 30, 2010

Warmachine - Cryx, It's not steampunk. it's ..... Bonepunk?!?

So, as you may or may not know, I hate Steampunk. I always have and likely I always will. Probably some deep seeded hatred of Railroads or some such thing.

However with picking up the Warmachine & Hordes game, it is an ingrained feature of the game. This presents a minor inconvenience because I do infact think that the rules are extremely well written and fit quite well with my "Competitive" nature.

How to deal with this? well, Hordes was the immediate result, and trollbloods (and soon Circle) have been the result. However there is another probelem that I've seen. The fact that the two games are so completely interwoven, I have to know the rules for WarMachine or I'm going to be at an extreme disadvantage going into Steamroller tournaments and the like. How to rectify this? well, after looking at all of the fluff, models, rules and background, I've decided on Cryx to be my Faction of WM. Reasoning of this is simple. It's the least Steampunky of all of the Warmachine Factions.

See, that was easy. Now the hard part. Who to choose as a Caster.....

Options (Keep in mind that while I'm a competitive person, At this point in my hobbing career, I'm keeping with models that I will enjoy painting):

Asphixious - Gaspy (great name)
- Decent Pose
- Not a fan of the Mechanical/Organic Combination
- Not a fan of the Armor- Basically it's a big Space Marine with a Glaive.

=No Go for me.....

Skarre - Scary
-Bleh Posing
-Farie Horns - Not a good thing
-Pirate. -Good Thing.

= Possibility

- Necron

=Pass for me.

-A Chaos Space Marine.
-Done enough of that
=Pass for me

Lich Lord Terminus
- A strange Draconic Abomination
- Good Posing
- Strong Detailing
= A Definite Possibility

Lich Lord Venithrax
- A Mechanical Skeleton
=No. Just no.

The Witch Coven of Gharlghast
-Not horrible Posing
-The sculpts turn me off for some reason. they just look..... unfinished. not sure why.
-I know I won't want to paint them so this is a no.

-Great Variety of Sculpts.
-Great Fluff.
-Great Posing.
=Win. She wins the show.

So now I've chosen my main caster. Deneghra (And eDeneghra)

And this is how I've come to chose to run an BonePunk army of Cryx for WarMachine

And because she needs some friends, I'll be running 2 of her kind (the Warwitch Sirens) though I'll be using her Plastic version for her and converting a Warwitch out of here altranate sculpt to make a diferent pose for the 2 Warwitch sirens. Now I just need to find a good sword to give her......


  1. I also planned initially on just sticking with Hordes, but I now find myself looking at the warmachine factions as well after learning how to play. At least you can vent your frustration with the steampunk genre by bashing apart some 'jacks in the game. I like seeing your assessment of the Cryx warcaster options and think your idea of adapting the alternate Deneghra miniature into a warwitch siren is great... very cool stuff, best of luck to you!

  2. I haven't had a chance to check out Hordes yet. Worth a look?

  3. I'm actually quite liking the system.

    None of the ambiguity of 40k rules writing. everything is clear and concise.


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