Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MTM Gun Cases - Or The Cheapest Alternative I've Found...

To Actual miniature transport cases.

MTM Gun Cases

I bought a 2 Handgun case the other day. Price: $15

So I bought this thing. In in I placed:

Troll Axer
Troll Impaler
Swamp Troll
Full Unit of Pyg Burrowers
Stone Scribe Elder
Trollkin Rune Bearer
Fell Caller Hero (Converted, pinned and un-puttied)
Swamp Gobber & Bellows Crew

All of this took up precisely... half of the case. In the other half I plan on putting in a full unit of Fennblades, a Dire Troll Bomber, my cards, and a Trollking Champion Hero.

Will likely leave me enough room to one day house eMadrak, another axer, and a unit of 5 champions and Gunbjorn. giving me 3 50 point lists to choose from. All in a single 13" x 5" x 10" case.

Great stuff.


also, since the models are assembled but un-painted I was rather "Rough" in the opening and closing of the case.... several times. even the fidliest bit I thnk in all of that. the Swamp Troll's tongue. which is long and thin attached by the smallest ammount of Super gule and no pin because I could not figure out how to pin it without breaking the damn thing (yet) came out un-bent, un broken and completely and securely attached to the mouth.

again, I can't recommend it enough.




  1. Lets see some pics of this good sir.

  2. I will get some up.... when I get a chance.

  3. The biggest problem with these is that they have a much higher tendency to get stolen - don't leave them sitting in view in your car, etc. Thieves love to take guns (or what they think are guns).

  4. Oh, wow, yeah, the thievery angle is interesting, not to mention the challenge in taking these on a plane...or checking them in your luggage.

  5. I store a bunch of stuff in card board boxes with the same type of foam that I get from work at different times. I say that they also have a double decker version or one with a foam top tray but lower general area(tanks?).

  6. They do, I plan on picking one of those up today. I'll put up another review of the bigger one tomorrow. its cost: $22

  7. I just picked one of these up at my local Walmart for $10. They're great. I can fit about half of my 2000pt Tau army in one. I really should have picked up a second one, but I will be rectifying that soon.

    I haven't seen the larger ones, but I will definitely be on the lookout now.


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