Monday, March 8, 2010

Building Your Gaming Group

We all love gaming. If we didn't, why would we play this game?

However, for some of us, there is a distinct lack of the ability to play. For me it is because the closest gaming group is 100+ Miles away. It sucks, but it is what I have to deal with, so I content myself with the online aspect of the game, painting, converting and planning, so that when I do make that drive, I am prepared to have the MOST FUN possible with the least ammount of BS while gaming.

Now, some of you may be able to play with a few friends, and this Article is directed at you specifically.

How do you build your gaming group? Well first and foremost is your Play Venue. For those of you who have a FLGS (Friendly Local Games Store) you have a place with both interested people and visibility. You should do two things to get more people into the game.

First: Play there. Have fun, laugh. Support your FLGS, and they will support you. It's how it works.

Second: PAINT YOUR ARMIES. you may not think that this is important, but think about it like this:

If you were to have no knowledge of the game, and wandered into a Games Store and saw people playing 40k with beautifully painted miniatures on a dynamic and Cinematic playing surface, would you stop to see what they were doing? I would.

Now, look at it the other way, If you were to walk in and see a couple of guys playing with bare plastic miniatures rolling dice on a piece of Plywood with chunks of felt on it, would it catch your attention and hold it the same as it would in the above painted example? It wouldn't for me. and it Didn't for me. That is why when I was getting into this game it took about 4 times seeing it played on plywood that I ignored before seeing it played on a nice terrain filled table with painted armies that my interest was piqued.

A lot of games stores don't require you to paint your minis, but when you do, I think that you'll find (As I did) that they become more YOURS and less PIECES to play the game with.

I suck at painting. I admit it. I'm color blind and my brush skills are terrible, but I love the feel I get when I field a completely painted army that is wholly my own.

Odds are that you will too.

If you already have an Established gaming group, don't get complacent. People move, people drop the game and before you know it you could be the only one left playing. Don't let this happen. If you have an established gaming group, take 1 or 2 days a month and hold "Teaching Night" Help those that may be interested in the game how to play. Get them to love the same game that we all do.

The rewards are worth it.

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