Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tyranid Painting Continues.....

So, the first of my finished tyranid models (almost)

The "Alien Brain" from Troll Forged Miniatures.

I really like this model for an alternative Zoanthrope, In fact, So much so that I bought 3 of them.

I've also been busy on my harpy, He's still wet from the staining I gave him last night, but I did take a few pictures.

The Rest of the Zoanthropes:

And some pics of the Harpy (1 of 3)

I welcome any and all comments!


  1. Egads man, how many 'thropes do you own?

    All are looking good--I particularly like how the purple stands out agains your scheme. Are you just painting brains that color?

  2. yeah, I own 9 thropes (soon to be 10 with the extra to be converted to the DOOM)

    Yeah, my basic scheme for paint is flesh/white and black with other colors mixed in very infrequently.

    So purple on the brains and that is all.



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