Monday, March 8, 2010

Tyranid Synergy: The Flyrant

Ah, the old standby of the Flyrant. An amazing little bugger, only costs 230 points for a base flyrant...... ouch.

So, if you want to run a flyrant, what to do to make sure that 230 points does not die in relatively quick order?

Well you've really only 3 options:

1. Harpies - Target Saturation
2. Shrikes - Target Saturation and A bit of Synergy
3. Gargoyles - Pure Synergy.

First Up:
These are your other option for Winged Monsterous Creatures. They come in at T5 and have 4 Wounds. Not a bad little package for 185 points with the TL HVC and Regenerate. (Always go for the Cluster Spines 'cause with bs of 3 you are hitting 2x with the stinger salvo. hit 3-7 with the Cluster spines.... Yes? Yes.

These are great for a more tempered player as you get a VERY NICE set of CCW options and a decent ammount of power in a small package. Beware the ML armed marines and any full tac squad in rapid fire range.

Wow, here is where the synergy becomes really apparent.
Give your Tyrant the Old Advarsary upgrade and Paroxysm and run him close behind/next to the gargoyle unit of 20 Give the Gargoyles all of their options (Sacs and Glands) ringing this unit of 20 in at 240 Points.

Why you ask? well, lets see.....

The gargoyles get 40 attacks on the charge (we'll say vs Terminators :D)

Hit the Termies with Paroxysm (auto Hit and they become WS1)
Charge the Termies with the Gargoyles and now were off into mathhammer land:

40 Attacks
6.6 Auto Wounds
20 Hits.

13 Re-Rolls give you:
2.16 Auto Wounds
6.5 Hits

For a total of
8.76 Auto Wounds and 26.5 Hits

Now you take those 26 (we'll drop the .5) hits and roll to wound:
S4 VS T4 with a re-roll to wound (Thank you Glands and Poison)
9.5 Rolled Wounds Plus
8.76 Auto Wounds

Gives that terminator TH/SS Squad (Usually 5 but up to 7 as the most I've Seen)
18 Base saves to roll. So out of those 18 they should fail 3. Leaving 2 terminators to strike back at WS1:

4 attacks hitting on a 4 =  2 dead Gaunts.....

You see how this picture continues to progress.... not good for the SMs.

Yeah. Bad for the Terminators.

fine the synergy and enjoy the results.

Pic Shameless Stolen from Forgeworld.

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  1. The situation you describe is the 'best possible situation': assaulting a Terminator unit already on the board and not in cover. I doubt any SM player is likely to, A) start a Terminator unit on the table without a Land Raider, and B) deep strike anywhere near a unit of 10+ jump troops.

    In practice, you'll end up B-lining it straight to a heavy troop or elite enemy unit since they're likely already on the table. Just trying to get to a squad of Heavy Bolters, Missile Launchers, or equivalent won't be fun for you, but with 20 Gargoyles, it will probably happen.

    Add in the fact that 20 Gargoyles makes a huge template target, and the fact that you're spending nearly 500 pts between the 20 Gargoyles and the cost of a Flyrant to make this strat work kind of makes the whole thing undesirable.


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