Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Troll Forged Miniatures - Brain Alien

In my recent endeavors to create my Tyranid Army, I came across the guy pictured to the left. It is the newest of the "Troll Forged Miniatures" Aline bugs.

The Brain Alien.
It comes with a choice of heads and a random body (i really wish you could chose your body style, but meh, they're both nice.)

You can have it cast in either metal or resin.

I chose resin as I prefer light-weight to heavy and I live in a climate where it will NEVER melt.

I'll try and cover a decent review.

Cost: $15 USD
Shipping: $4 USD

Total $19 USD

My resin version was extremely well cast, I've been casting in resin for about 3 years now for pieces, I can not produce something with so little flash, Very high quality casting

The resin itself is very lightweight and extremely hard. A bonus when a lot of the resin pieces available on the Net are softer than they ever should be.

The Alien Brain is similar in size to the Tyranid Zoanthrope, though it is smaller. by enough that I noticed right away. The Zoey is about half again as wide with it's back spines, and about 3/4 of an inch taller. This is somewhat alleviated by the fact that the Alien Brain comes with a clear plastic "Floating" I refuse to call it flying Base. With a bit of effort they CAN be the same height, but not the same width without adding quite a bit to it.

Here is a picture of it next to a standard current edition Zoanthrope:

As you can see, the sizes are similar, but still not quite perfect, which to me is just fine as it should not be a replica of the Zoey.

This model really is beautiful. While I would personally never use the Tentacled Head, The bladed head is beautiful. The details are superbly defined. and extremely well sculpted.

I war really hoping to use this guy as a Doom of Malan'Tai model, but because of the size, never will.

I will however be purchasing 2 more of them and fielding them as a squad of Zoanthropes.

Overall, I'm quite Impressed by the sculpt, quality and especially the Price. A resin model of this quality is unheard of for $15.

The Wookie Reccomends. This is not a sanctioned review and all images are either my own or from the Troll Forged website.

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  1. So, why is it you won't use him as a doom? He looks the part, and is about the right size... Were you hoping he'd be bigger than a normal 'thrope?

  2. Yeah, i was hoping for a bigger than normal thrope to represent the ability to get to 10 wounds, But in the end I'll likely end up using the 3rd edition thrope for my Doom and do a lot of Putty work on it.

  3. Hmm, what about getting the Alien Brain Pod kit instead?

  4. By the way, they're out in plastic now! And for practically half the price of first!


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