Friday, March 19, 2010

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

So perusing the Bell of Lost Souls, I find this gem

Seriously? That is a Tactics article?

I've put shoddy half done work out there before, but this takes the cake!

Really, I can deploy my cannon in a Woods? For Realzies?

Oh, and they will have a harder time hitting me? Wow, that was a completely new idea in the realms of Warhammer. Cover. When did this concept show up?

Never deploy it at the 12" mark? really that is another completely new concept. It's not like these things have a long range or anything..... right?

Sorry BoLS, fail.

I know you're trying to make a place for a bunch of contributors to your site, but please Please PLEASE at least take the five seconds it takes to read an article before posting it.

This one should never have made the cut.

Add in a bit on bubble wraping the thing with a small in-efficient unit that you can use to bait an ambushing unit away from the WM so it can at least cause a bit of damage to them.

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  1. Pfft I stopped reading majority of their articles. Mainly because they're just there to keep the readers coming back. Plus they've built up their reputation on being a good rumours site. Now because they post so much junk the rumours dont appear til a few days later when we already know the rumour.


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