Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cover Saves: WTF?!?

So on a few other blogs there has been a lot of talk about cover saves and how they only apply to shooting attacks.

Thought I'd put up a quick post about how I see this situation.

There are several things that apply:

Commonly Known:

Covers saves may be taken (usually when they are lower than an armor save)

Not so Commonly Known:
Cover Saves may be taken during ANY PHASE (though may be dis-allowed by certain wounds)  (BRB pg 20)
- Close Combat wounds are the most common as the Assault Section of the BRB specifically states that cover saves may not be taken against wounds caused in close combat. (Page 39)

So, in summary, you may take cover saves against a lot more things than say... a Las-Cannon shot.

Your vehicle explodes and you have a 5+ cover save (Via Big Mek Kustom Force Field) you get your save.

Spirit Leech comes in from the doom of Malantai? You get your cover save.

People know that cover is important, but it is far more important than some people give them credit for.


  1. Other things which specifically do not allow cover saves: Dangerous Terrain, and Perils of the Warp.

    Against the Doom I can see cover saves making sense but not sure about being inside exploding transports as you might not be on the table yet.

  2. That 1 example actually only works for orks as even while not on the table they are still receiving the 5+ cover save from the KFF.

  3. Oh believe me I know about the importants of cover saves. I play Orks!

    Cover makes my boyz better than a marine. It is so easy to get a 4+ or even a 3+(go to ground) in 5th edition.

    Total AnOrky


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