Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hordes - Should I Take The Plunge?

So, I've been perusing the Privateer press site for a LONG time now (several years) and never quite understood how this game works. I love the sculpts on the models, and am aware of a Reboot of the rules system in the works, but.... other than that I am oblivious.

I've long thought that the Circle of Orborros model line was the coolest. I will NEVER play Warmachine. can't stand the idea of steam punk....

So, do any of you play this game? is it worth getting into?



  1. No, stay away unless its heavily supported by both retail and players. I only played Warmachine to avoid having to deal with GW reps harrasing me in my favorite game/hobby shop back home.

    Its faster and more mobile army types, games don't last as long, and the best games are at 500 points. Cheap to buy an army, just don't go overboard.
    Privateer Press is arguably less evil than GW.

    If no one plays it or Warhammer reigns supreme, you'll have trouble finding games.
    The rules change faster than GW's.

  2. Thanks anonymous,

    I do appreciate the feedback.
    The local (or not so local) store here has a nice WM/Hordes community, but I've been aprehensive about it for a long time.


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