Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Classic HeroQuest!

So my Salamander's are nearing completion and I've decided to put off building my new Big Bugs until the FAQ is released. So in the mean-time I need something to fill my time with, So I've Decided to re-create part of my childhood and the game that got me into Table Top Miniatures.


For me this games was amazing. I was 8 and loved every time I played it. So in my aged maunderings I've decided to re-create it. New copies can run you upwards of $400 which I am un-willing to pay. So what's a hobbiest to do? Why you make your own of course.

For now I am still in the planning phase, but here is where I've gotten so far:

1. I will be using the German Board, it has a 2 square wide outter corridor.
2. I want a more 3D board.
3. I want to take it to gaming conventions so that I can run games there and share my joy.
4. I need to advance it a bit for an older crowd. the Original is great for kids, but for me, i need a bit more inter-activity for it.

So I've come up with a few plans to help me along to these goals:

1. I've purchased 6 Square feet of Sheet Magnetics. This way i can make all of the pieces magnetized so that it can travel and not break.
2. I've started re-writing the rules to make room for 6 characters, 3 of which can cast spells.
3. I've made some adjustments to the Monsters to make them a bit more of a challenge to the players.
4. I'm designing a "Box" that the whole thing will fit into. That way I can just slide out the top of it and the entire game is right there, ready to be played.

I'll be adding some information as I go along, but for now this is where I'm at.

I've also ordered my 6 "Hero" miniatures that will represent the characters:

My Barbarian

My Dwarf / Warrior

My Elf / Ranger

My Priest

My Rogue

And Last, but not least, my wizard.

All of these are Reaper miniatures who I think make very dynamic Fantasy Characters.

As I get these painted and based, I'll post pictures of them up as well.


  1. Reaper work very well, though the integral based ones can be a bit unstable. I've been doing something similar to you (though nowhere as fancy - just the minis) and have some pics up on my blog if you want to have a gander.

    For dificulty are you using the US or European version of the rules?

    The US version is harder in that many of the monsters have multiple Body Points and the missions are more sadistic.

    Check here for tons of HQ gear:
    Not all of the links work but there's some good stuff to be had.

    The HeroQuest Revised edition has an entirely reworked sytem that is prettymuch comlete with all the logical inconsistencies and grey areas ironed out. They've also made new spell decks and all sorts of goodies, well worth a look for your plans:

    Also some of the rules are available if you search the manuals section of the Hasbro website.

  2. For the base I am using the American Version (Difficult is good In my opinion) though I am makeing some changes to make it a bit more RPG and a bit more interactive. enhanced spells etc.

    I'm ironing out the kinks in my rulebook, but will have it posted up here.

    Thanks for the resources.

  3. Excellent mate, my wife got me a copy for xmas and me and my brother cracked it open on saturday night.

    We had a blast, so I'll definitely be following this project. Love those models, I'm going to have to give Reaper a go once I've painted the bits I've got in the box.

  4. Great Idea. I had a copy of Heroquest in high school, and wish I had kept it. We played that game a lot, and I am interested in seeing your completed rules.

    Great work.


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