Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blood Angels: The Storm Harbringer

There are a lot of rumors going around about the Flying Land Raider (or the sky raiders as I've Dubbed it)

Here are the rumors that have come my way so far

140 Points
BS:4 Front:13 Side:11 Rear:10

Fast Skimmer

Tantalus Cannon System: 18" Range, Strength 6 AP4, Rending, Pinning, Twin Linked, Heavy 8
Transport: 16 models (assault servitors, jump packs and termies take 2 slots), or Five Bikes or 1 Dreadnought
no fire points, 1 access point at the front.
Deep Strike
Jump Pack Insertion: Jump Pack equipped infantry may assault even if the thing deep striked this turn.
May take:
Twin Linked Heavy Flamer, Twin Linked Plasma Gun or Twin Linked Multi-Melta for +10pts
Up to two hunter killer missiles for +10 each.

So how will this affect game play? Honestly, not much. The smart player will put an assault squad (8 man) in it.
Equiped as follows:
Assault Squad x8
7x Assault Marines
1 Melta Gun
Sergent: Infernus Pistol, Power Fist

all for a cost of  342 POINTS

So when this thing deep strikes, it can not fire, it's assault squad jumps out and eats a squad. odds are that there will be no squad left, but if there is the assault squad will eat them the next turn.

AV 13 means that this thing will attract a lot of fire and likely die, or at least be unable to move or shoot.

Now the SMART player will start this thing on the board (no cover for you since it will likely be on a valkyrie flying stand) and get 1 turn to do what it does. and remember that on the valk flying stand, when the squad disembarks, they have to disembark within 2" of the BASE. limits it's effectiveness quite a bit.

It is not a valkyrie. it will not be played the same way. if it moves flat out nobody can get out. so if I blow it up when it's gone flat out all that expensive assault squad dies. ouch.

In the end I say Cool Toy, but armies that take a bunch of them will suffer horrible failures.


NOW REMEMBER THESE ARE RUMORS AND THE FINAL VERSION MAY VARY, but still, for now, not the best choice for your forces. It will be useful for a last minute objective grab, but it has to survive long enough to do that.  I believe the official one will be a bit different, but not by much and likely the only difference will be a side armor increase to 12 and a 10 point bump in price.

Pic from BoLS


  1. Couple rules pointers:
    1) Deep striking = moving at cruising speed for terms of firing weapons. Fast vehicles can fire 1 weapon at cruising speed, so that means the assault cannon will get at least 1 shot off.

    2) If the vehicle is indeed wrecked while going flat out, that's fine- you can still disembark as normal when a vehicle is destroyed or do an emergency disembark if the front and only exit is cut off. The squad will take str 4 hits and have to take a pinning test if it explodes, but space marines don't tend to worry about either.

    Still agree with you that people will deal with it though- it's a predator on wings that can't hide. Will be dangerous, but can be dealt with.

  2. you're right about 1 forgot about that... so yeah it can fire 1 time.

    wrong on count 2 though. since they may not disembark (that would include emergency disembarking) flat out transports that explode = squad inside dies.


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