Friday, February 19, 2010

Tourney Time!

So, I have a 1500 Point Tourney tomorrow. I'll be taking my Drop Salamanders. I need a few more games with them to get that "Feel" before I take them to Ard Boyz, this seems like a great opportunity.

I love tournament Play.

My List:


3x Drop Pod Dreadnoughts w/ MM&Heavy Flamer

2xDrop Pod Tac Squads x10, Flamer/Missile Launcher

1 Drop Pod Tac Squad x10, Flamer/Multi-Melta

3x Land Speeders w/ Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer

So in 1500 Points, I have:
21 Bolters
3 Bolt Pistols
7 Twin Linked Multi-Meltas
7 Twin Linked Heavy Flamers
3 Twin Linked Flamers
2 Missile Launchers
6 Storm Bolters

I'm Thinking that those should be enough to deal with most of what I'll run into for this event.
1495 Points

Wish Me Luck.

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