Friday, February 26, 2010

Harpy Conversion

So, having started with 2 Carnifex Kits, I set out to convert up a tervigon (previous post) and a Harpy.

The tervigon has had a bit more done to it since yesterday, but I wanted to get the Harpie's main work out of the way before I started Green Stuffing, Get all that done at once too. So here are some additional pics of the harpy:



 Yes, I know she's missing her other arm.....

Since it takes a bit of work to make a left handed Heavy Venom Cannon, I'm going to finish it before attaching it.

Since she has no legs, I'll have her mounted on a piece of either acrylic or brass rod.



  1. I'm surprised at how well the Carnifex tail works for a Harpy, just by flipping it over. It's a great over-all look, and seemingly quite the simple conversion.

    Not that it needs it, but you may consider puttying up some armor plates on the top of it's tail, or somehow using greenstuff to connect the armor from it's back to it's underside. It might make for a more "complete" conversion.

  2. Where did you get the wings for it? Ive looked over several websites but cant seem to find a good pair of wings.


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