Monday, July 19, 2010

Dawn of War- Or where I learned to pull my hair out because GW can not write concisely

OK Guys, as those of you who have played against me in a Dawn Of War Mission know, I HATE THIS MISSION. No matter what the objective of mission is, the deployment rules for this mission are horribly written.

Here is how it works, I've read this thing many, many times.

You get to deploy 1 HQ UNIT not 1 slot, not 1 choice.

You get to deploy 2 Troop UNIT not 2 Slots, not 2 choices.

Units include:
Independant Characters
Dedicated Transports

You don't get to put out 1 HQ and 2 Units in their transports.
You get 1 HQ (say it's an Independant character) Attached to a Unit in their dedicated transport.

God sometimes GW Really needs to re-think the way they write.

Also, night fight is 2d6x3 inches. if you cant see your target you don't get to pick another target to try for.


  1. Eh. It affects the other guy just as much, and you can get everything else in first turn.

  2. People who do not understand have never bother to read it. It clearly says units all over the place plus they even give an example covering most of the bases (dedicated transports (ie multiple units from one slot) and inflitrators.

    Unit is a pretty well defined turn showing up in the index and in the codex entries.


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