Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Blog Changes - You probably did not notice.

I've put my blog through some changes recently. you may or may not have noticed.

I've added a few to my blog roll:
Yes, The Truth Hurts - A Great Blog about Competitive Warhammer 40k. Language warning though.
Strictly Average - Brent's Musings and other stuff for 40k, Fun place to check out.

I've also added a few links at the bottom of my blog.
11th Company Podcast - An amazing 40k Podcast. Best one I've found
Dice Like Thunder - Another Great 40k Podcast
The Iron Agenda - So Far the best Warmachine/Hordes Podcast I've found

Enjoy the changes.


  1. Yes the truth hurts has a attitude problem. I just do not care for his style at all.

  2. yeah, he can be.... abrupt, abusive and rude. but his advice is usually quite sound. I appreciate his input, if not always the 'tude.

  3. I like reading Strictly Average. Got some really nice stuff



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