Thursday, July 8, 2010

FAQ: Blood Angels - or when I learned to shut up and realize that GW will screw any non-Space marine army.

SO... At nearly the same time GW put out the Nid Nerf, I mean FAQ, they put out the Blood Angels FAQ, I mean "Yes, they are that stupid"

Follow along here:

- Yes, you can take a land raider for any dedicated transport

- Yes, the Sanguinary Priest gets his own effects. Why was this a question? He is an IC you know.

- Ok, so in 2 days you give 2 different rulings for how Furious Charge works. Not Consistent at all.

- Yes you can turbo-boost/move flat out to scout. This has been answered, more than once. why are we still asking this question?

- You can use smoke launchers during your scout move..... so you can move flat out, pop smoke. and go first move 6" fire EVERYTHING and during your opponent's first turn you get a 4+ cover save versus firing. Yeah, that's fair. way to go GW.

- Like jaws the Libririan must assault the first thing hit by the path of the Blood Lance. Yay.

- Yay, you get reduced scatter from jump packs, if you remove them to get into a transport, WHY WOULD YOU ASK THIS? NO. you don't get to reduce the scatter of the damn land raider.

- No tycho does not get an Extra attack from dead mans hand.

- Yes, the Librarian Dread can fire Psychic Shooting attacks if he has no weapons on the dread left..... Why is this a question? Really.

- Opponents get to choose weapons destroyed by Perils results on a Libby Dread. Unique ruling but unique to this army so.... Ok.

- Vehicles gain a cover save from Shield of Sanguinius. Note: NOWERE does it say that they become obscured. no cheating and trying to get a 4+. it's still a 5+.

- Sanguinor, Mephiston and DC Tycho are single model units. NOTE: no Independant Characters can join them. ever. they are their own unit. (look at the IC rules in the BRB.)

- Powergamers downfall. No you don't stack Descent of Angels to not scatter. Smartasses.

- Corbulo's free re-roll cant be used to affect pre-game stuff.

Go Go Power Rangers!


  1. The smoke ruling I do not think works that way. You want it when you do not have first turn so you can scout move and then pop smoke so you can get cover saves to your opponents shots before your first turn.

  2. But let me guess it is worded as "your opponents next shooting phase" so it works as you described when you are playing against aholes.


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