Friday, July 23, 2010

Make-Em Competitive: Chaos Space Marines PT2.

So, Now we move onto the meat of the army, Elites, Troops and Fast Attack. Bear with me, it could take a while.

-No Change

-No Change, I love these guys, though it seems people just don't know how to use them.
you put them in a rhino with 2 Melta Guns and outflank them. Perhaps give them an Icon of Chaos Undivided.
That is all.

Chaos Terminators
- No Change

-So you're getting terminators for 10 points less than Space Marines, Why are you complaining? Oh, Yeah, Because you can't get them to work right. These guys are not thunder shield termies. Chaos does not have Thunder hammers or Storm Shields, quit trying to make them that.35points to give them a 4+ Invuln seems not bad until you realize that the Icon is on 1 guy and in 5th you can't keep that guy around. don't do it. Keep them base, give them a few combi-meltas and DS them in.

Chaos Possessed
-20 Points Each

-Give them 2 CCW.
-Let you choose which mutation you get. Simple as that. They're useful again.

Chaos Dreadnought
-80 Points Each

-Drop rage OR make it ONLY apply to Opposing Models.

Chaos Space Marines
-14 Points Each

-Upgrade costs 8 points.

 Chaos Rhino
- Drop Cost to 30 Points

Plague Marines
- Drop Cost to 20pts Each

- Flamer for 2pts
- Melta for 5pts

Noise Marines
-18pts Each

-Upgrade for 10 pts
-Sonic Blaster for 3pts Each
-Blast-Master for 20 Points

Khorn Berzerkers
-20 pts Each

-Add Fleet
-Skull Champ costs 10 pts

Thousand Sons
-No Change in PTS

-Aspiring Sorcerer should cost 40pts. Since you can't necessarily keep him alive to the end why are you paying 60 for each one? This is truly the downfall of this squad as this guy costs you at minimum 70 points and is almost NEVER worth the cost and you HAVE to include him.

Lesser Daemons
-12 pts each. just need that price drop and the're good.

Fast Attack:
Chaos Bikers
-20 pts per model

-Bike Champ costs 5points.

Chaos Raptors
-16 points each
-upgrade costs 8 points

Chaos Spawn
-25 points each
-Squad of 1-5

Heavy Support:
-No Change

- These guys are great once you figure out that they are NOT a devistator squad. they are a special weapons rhino delivery squad. that is all.

-65 Points Each

-Add Feel No Pain

Predator, Vindicator, Land Raider
-Make Points Comparable to SM/SW Codex. That is all.You may say that they have the option for possession, yes, but they also pay for it. just start everyone on a level playing field.

-130 Points

-Armor 13/13/11

 And there you have it. That is all.

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