Thursday, July 22, 2010

Make-Em Competitive: Chaos Space Marines

So in the first installment in a new series, I'll be calling "Make-Em Competitive" I'll be throwing out My Personal Ideas on how to make a given codex competitive. meaning "On Par with the Space Wolves Codex" as that is the codex de-jour that I think is out there right now. First fix is an Adjusted Points cost for the model as is.
Secondly I will post the Changes I think that should be made to make the model both usable at it's points cost and turn it into an "Takable" choice.

So To start off with:

Chaos Space Marines

HQ Choices:

Special Characters:
Abbadon The Dispoiler
- 250 Points

-Does Not Suffer wounds on a 1 for Daemon Weapon and Add 1 attack
-Grants Fearless to any unit he Joins

Fabius Bile
-130 Points

-1 Squad of CSM auto upgrade to Enhanced
- Reduce points cost for upgraded marines by 2 points each
-Chirgeon counts as a Power Weapon (for his bonus attacks only)

Huron Blackheart
-130 Points

-Psychic Hood
-Know Another Power

-200 Points

-Add Eternal Warrior
-Add Psychic Hood

-150 Points

-He is quite usable but needs that price drop OR
-Reduce the cost of Berzerkers by 1 point per model

- 190 Points

- Add Eternal Warrior
- Thousand Son's Marines cost 2 point per model less (Does not effect cost of Aspiring Sorcerer)

Lucius the Eternal
- 150 Points

- Add Eternal Warrior (If ever there was an eternal warrior it is him.)

Regular HQs:
Daemon Prince
- 100 Points

-Add the Option for a Daemon Weapons to be taken

Chaos Lord
-Good As Is

Chaos Sorcerer
- 85 Points

- Add a Psychic Hood

Greater Daemon
- 90 Points

- 3+ Invulnerable Save

Well, at least that's how I'd fix the CSM HQ's.

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