Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Disenchantment- It's Happened Again

Thank You GW. I just have to say thank you to one of the Greatest (sic) Gaming Companies in the world.

Your constant micro-management and stifling of any army other than the Space Marines in all of their colorful and tasty flavors has made me lose my enchantment with warhammer 40k. again. I'm certain, as this has happened before, that I will return. I am running a large scale tournament in september so have to keep going on some things. but as for more purchases.... no. as for more painting... no.

Thank you oh Greatest of Great Gaming Companies for making me lose heart with you ..... again.

I'll be doing blogging still, but most likely it will be a lot of Privateer Press stuff as I learn that system. and, Knowing myself, will fall back into 40k in 6-7 months with renewed vigor.

Probably just the very sour taste I have in my mouth after investing and converting that new Tyranid Army.... Thanks again for that FAQ GW.

Thank you.


  1. Or you could just skip 2 editions like I did.

  2. I did that. I skipped all of 3rd edition and most of 4th edition. I picked up again just after the Daemons Codex was released. or perhaps it was just before.


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